Silver Mesa is planning to hold an in person science fair! We are excited to see the fun projects students are working on. All students who would like to participate should register by November 29, 2021. I will be communicating any changes and sending helpful information via email to those who register.
This year 4th and 5th grade students will present google slide shows to judges, instead of using a tri-fold board. This will help 5th grade student easily progress to District (if selected) and give 4th graders the opportunity to practice presenting in this style. The district has provided a slide template. K-3rd grade students can choose to present a slide show or a tri-fold board.

As a reminder, participantNEED TO FILL OUT THE ISEF SAFETY PAPERWORK FORM BEFORE STARTING A PROJECT. The form needs to be signed by their teacher. This can be found and printed from the tab below or found at:  Participants need to have decided on a project to fill out the form. As indicated in the safety paperwork, mold or bacteria may only be grown at a qualified lab. Silver Mesa does not have a lab. You will need to go to the following website to get information about available labs if your project requires: Group projects of up to 3 students, all in the same grade, are allowed. Thank you for your interest and please contact Jill at with questions.


Click HERE to Register

Here is some information about your grade requirements for the fair:

K-3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade