January 16, 2024

Silver Mesa’s Science Fair is coming up! Students of all grades are welcome to join in the fun!

Students can work on projects individually or as a team of up to three. In order to qualify for the district competition, 5th grade teams must be composed of only 5th graders. Otherwise, teams may contain students from different grades.

Look at the world around you and choose a project that is relatable and interesting to you. You may find project ideas from the public library, the internet, or books.


All 5th grade students participating NEED TO FILL OUT THE ISEF SAFETY PAPERWORK FORM BEFORE STARTING A PROJECT. The form needs to be signed by their teacher. This can be found and printed from the tab below or found at: ISEF Safety paperwork  Participants need to have decided on a project to fill out the form. As indicated in the safety paperwork, mold or bacteria may only be grown at a qualified lab. Silver Mesa does not have a lab. You will need to go to the following website to get information about available labs if your project requires: https://usef.utah.edu/resource-center/find-a-lab.


Interest Form Flyer (link)

K-4th grade packet (link)

5th grade packet (link)

ISEF Safety paperwork

Email janetbaer@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to be a judge