Many people are curious about why it is important to pay membership dues for PTA and where does the money go. This is a GREAT question to be asking! Your dues go to three branches of PTA. The first $1.95 stays right here at silver mesa to help cover the cost of all the fun benefits we enjoy such as field trips, class parties, steam & literacy nights and even features of our website like the directory. The next $0.55 goes to our regional council. These are the ladies that train us directly and make sure we have help anytime we need it. Another $1.75 goes to the state to cover costs of training your PTA board, advocacy with policy makers on the state level and keeping fun programs like reflections, red ribbon week and student scholarships running. The last $2.25 does to the national level of our PTA administration to keep advocacy on capitol hill for our kids. PTA works VERY hard to make sure our children have a voice. They have fought (and won) to have laws implemented to protect our kids. Lunch and breakfast programs, child labor laws and school safety regulations are all thanks to the efforts of our national PTA. If you wish to see a more comprehensive breakdown click here. To see more of the advantages of continuing to support PTA click here.  Thank you for supporting PTA's efforts to keep the best interests of our kids at the forefront of policy makers and citizens everywhere!